Developers and builders of high-end bakery equipment

Bakon is specialized in developing and building bakery and food equipment as spraying machines, enrobing machines, depositing machines and ultrasonic cutting machines. We wish to serve our customers with tailor made solutions that will increase their production performance also in complete production lines or equipment that will fit in existing machine lines. With our dedicated and professional team we are able to solve your production problems by creating efficient and long lasting solutions.

Quality comes first

All our frames are build of stainless steel and our equipment is provided with the best available parts and components. This facts, supplemented with our alacrity to really listen to our clients and stakeholders, makes us the right partner for bakeries that wants to improve.

All kinds of liquid can be sprayed through a large number of nozzles over several kinds of product with our broad range of first class SPRAYING machines.
The standard products to spray with our machines are: glaze, jelly, fondant, chocolate, egg wash, liqueur, water, oil, emulsion, syrup and aspic.

Well finished products make the difference. Bakon offers you the possibility to finish you products perfectly with our enrobing machine. Developed and built on the waterfall principle to guarantee equal layers, it will give your products real selling power.

BAKON offers the best solutions for depositing cupcakes, muffins, macarons, cake batter, muffin batter, fruit fillings, custard, cream, etc.
We provide many opportunities in a wide range of high quality depositing machines.

The fast, equal portioning or slicing of products without waste or product damage, will be carried out perfectly by BAKON’s ULTRASONIC CUTTING machines. We offer you several kinds of machines, possibilities and options that will fit within your production process and optimize your slicing performance.