Nano Slicer

Perfect cutting starts with the NANO ULTRASONIC SLICER

The NANO ULTRASONIC SLICER brings perfectly cut products within everyone’s reach!

Designed and manufactured for hotels, caterers, small and mid-size confectioneries and very suitable for products in different sizes from ‘one-bite’ to family size portions.

High-quality titanium blades ensure high-quality cutting results. This ultrasonic cutting machine is available with several options to meet your needs and wishes.

Perfect cutting starts with the NANO, the basic machine in our range of cutting machines.

Key features

  • Fast and precise because of unique servo technology.
  • Titanium cutting blade of 180 mm.
  • Set your own cutting pattern (also on the touch screen).
  • A reliable Safety Light Curtain System prevents access to the cutting area when the machine is in operation.
  • For round and rectangular products; both fresh and deep frozen.
  • Suitable from smaller products like ‘one-bites’ till family size portions.
  • Movable on 2 swivel and 2 fixed casters.
  • For your convenience available in your own language.
  • Product trays up to 400 x 600 mm.


Products are manually placed on the cutting plate (no doors to open because of the Safety Light Curtain System). After pressing the start button the products are placed in their cutting position under the cutting head.

The cutting head has an ultrasonic cutting blade. The length of the blade can vary depending on the trays or products to be cut. This half wave blade can cut products up to a maximum height of 65 mm.

The precise slicing is accomplished by moving the cutting table in a servo driven x-y movement underneath the ultrasonic cutting knife which is mounted on a fixed bridge with an up and down movement. The servo controlled x-y movement makes it possible to bring the products on the cutting table in every desired slicing position and allows the cutting of various sized portions.

Because the cutting blade is equipped with a servo drive rotation movement, it is possible to cut rectangular products into triangles and diamond shaped forms and round products into portions.

Programming is done using the touch screen (LCD). Different parameter like numbers of portions, cutting speed, size trim edge, etc. can easily be set or changed.


  • Basic
  • Compact
  • Movable
  • Stainless steel

Stand-alone machine

For rectangular and round products

Product trays max. 400 x 600 mm

Round products with max. ∅ 350 mm

Dimensions (l x w x h)

Standard model

1708 x 1115 x 1713 mm


Cleaning unit 

Cutting residue is stripped off the blades by two silicon scrapers before entering the clean spraying part of the unit.

Titanium cutting blades up to 315 mm

(standard 180 mm).

Adjustable cutting table for round shaped products

(max. 350 mm).

Modem for remote access

Worldwide online support is possible when you NANO is equipped with an internet modem.

Technical specifications


3 x 400 VAC + Ground, 60 Hz


+ 2 kW

Air consumption

+ 50 ltr. per minute at 6 bar

Machine capacity

cut / sec.
Cutting speed
max. 400 x
Round products