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Roto Sprayer - Bakon

Spray hood
4 – 6 air mix spray guns

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All around greasing is done with the

Roto Sprayer

All around greasing is done with the ROTO SPRAYER

Nothing is more important than to start your baking process with well-greased baking moulds, trays and pans, especially when they have high sides or a round shape. The ROTO SPRAYER has been developed by BAKON for the greasing of round or differently shaped moulds, trays and pans.

The ROTO SPRAYER is a high-quality rotating greasing machine, which means that the spray hood exists of 1 or more rotating spray heads.

Overspray is reduced to an absolute minimum because of the rotating spray guns.

Built on a C-frame, the ROTO SPRAYER is suitable as a stand-alone or in-line machine.

Customized solutions are of course also applicable for the ROTO SPRAYER!

Key features

  • All around spray because of the rotating spray head
  • Amount of spray guns: 2 - 16
  • Trays or pans per hour: 600 - 5000
  • Working width: 400 - 1500 mm
  • Key features
  • All around spray because of the rotating spray head.
  • Very limited overspray and pollution.
  • Very efficient spraying, which means less use of release agent or oil.
  • Flexible, economical and easily movable.
  • Custom made solutions.
  • Completely stainless steel.
  • Automatically in width and height adjustable spray guns (optional).
  • Operation

Trays, pans or moulds placed on the conveyor belt will be supported by an adjustable guide and are automatically transported by 2 chains. The spray hood, which is installed over the conveyor belt, may hold 2 – 16 rotating spray guns.

The rotating spray guns can be put manually – or on your request automatically – in position to obtain the best spraying results. Detection of the moulds is done by means of a proximity sensor.

The electrical cabinet is equipped with a safety light main power switch, an emergency stop and reset push button and a low-level alarm (with light + sound).

  • Benefits
  • Compact
  • Economical
  • Movable
  • Easy to operate
  • Options
    An U-shaped exhaust unit can be placed over the spray hood to suck up excessive oil mist that is created during spraying. Centrifugal force will separate the oil from the air. The removed oil is discharged via a hose and collected in a container.
  • Machine capacity

Medium to high

  • Products

​Various sized baking trays, bread pans, muffin pans, cake pans and moulds.

  • Stand-alone machine

Built on C-Frame​

  • Inline machine

Built on C-Frame​

  • Dimensions
Depend on the model
  • Technical specifications

Air pressure
90 PSI / 6 bar

3 x 400 VAC + Neutral + Ground, 50 Hz

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