Smooth baking starts with the RELEASE AGENT SPRAYER

Good and efficient greasing of baking trays, pans and moulds is the basis for a good baking process. To obtain the best result, start the process with the RELEASE AGENT SPRAYER of BAKON.

This high-quality machine evenly distributes a very fine film of release agent on various size trays, pans and moulds by means of special designed and adjustable spray guns. In addition, it ensures clean, efficient and product-saving greasing.

The RELEASE AGENT SPRAYER is available both as stand-alone and in-line machine and offers you many advantages. Of course customized solutions are possible!

Key features

  • Flexible and economical
  • Perfect spray because of the unique spray
    guns and nozzles
  • Very limited overspray and pollution
  • Substantial reduction of release agent or
    oil because of very efficient spray
  • Easily movable
  • Machine can be fit to your situation
  • Completely stainless steel


Trays, pans or moulds placed on the conveyor belt will be supported by an adjustable guide and are automatically transported by 2 chains. The spray hood, which is installed over the conveyor belt, holds 4 – 25 adjustable spray guns.

The spray guns can be put manually – or on your request automatically – in position to obtain the best spraying results. Detection of the moulds is done by means of a proximity sensor.


  • Compact
  • Economical
  • Movable
  • Easy to operate

Stand-alone machine

Inline machine (built on C-frame)

Various sized baking trays, bread pans, muffin pans, cake pans and moulds.


Standard model
depending on request

C-frame model
depending on request



An exhaust unit can be placed over the spray hood to suck up excessive oil mist that is created during spraying. Centrifugal force will separate the oil from the air. The removed oil is discharged via a hose and collected in a container.

Technical specifications

Air pressure

90 PSI / 6 bar


3 x 400 VAC + Neutral + Ground, 50 Hz

Machine capacity

4 -
Amount of spray guns
50 -
Trays or pans per hour
400 -
Working width