Fully in control with the JELLY SATELLITE RANGE

The JELLY SATELLITE is characterized by its striking design. This jelly machine is available is various executions and takes into account essential requirements such as easy operation and cleaning.

The well organized control panel makes the JELLY SATELLITE easy to use and provides actual information on temperature and spraying pressure.

Among the available models you will surely find the JELLY SATELLITE that meets your requirements.

Key features

  • Advanced mobile design.
  • Various models to choose from.
  • Available with one or two spray guns.
  • Well organized digital control panel for easy operation.
  • Start up and shutting off instructions on display.
  • Sprays almost any type of glaze.
  • Temperature adjustment up to 90 ºC.
  • Heated hose with adjustable temperature.
  • Completely made of stainless steel and other non-rusting materials.
  • Low maintenance.


The JELLY SATELLITE is equipped with a display with 4 control keys. The displays shows the set values for each function and also provides information about the actual spraying pressure and temperature of the glaze and heated hose.

Technically the JELLY SATELLITE MA I differs not much from the JELLY SATELLITE I. The difference is in the suction part of the machine. The suction part is equipped with a larger pipes to make it possible to spray thick marmelades.

The same is applicable to the JELLY SATELLITE MG and the JELLY SATELLITE II.


  • Easy to operate
  • Various models
  • Compact and movable
  • Easy to clean

Stand-alone machines

All-ready-to-use glazes, jams and marmelades


Depend on the model

Available models

  • JELLY SATELLITE I: with 1 spray gun
  • JELLY SATELLITE II: with 2 spray guns
  • JELLY SATELLITE T (Twin): with 2 spray guns and 2 separate heating systems
  • JELLY SATELLITE TP (Twin Power): suitable for semi-industrial use
  • JELLY SATELLITE MA I: suitable for thick marmelades
  • JELLY SATELLITE MG: with 2 spray guns, one for glaze and one for marmelade
  • JELLY SATELLITE HC: for hot and cold products

Growing concept



The GROWING CONCEPT consists of a JELLY SATELLITE TWIN POWER connected to a movable belt conveyor of 400 or 600 mm width. The conveyor is executed with a quick changing system to change from a standard spray gun to an automatically operating spray gun. The conveyor can be extended with product signaling and a stopper.

Key features:

  • Quicker and more efficient
  • System adapts to the quantity of material used
  • Progressive investment

Machine capacity

cc / min.
Output per spray gun
Up to
0 -
Spray pressure