Superb target covering of your products with glaze with the GLAZE PRINTING machine

BAKON has developed a new concept to print glaze on your products. Instead of spraying, this machine prints the glaze in a pre defined pattern on your products. This makes it possible to cover your products with glaze only on specific surfaces without overspray or during the outside of the product.

With the touch screen it is possible to create a drawing of the required shape that has to be printed on the surface of your product.

Key features

  • Very accurate results.
  • Easy to program
  • Full colour touch screen to set and store recipes (max. 25).
  • No overspray.
  • Various operation levels.
  • Print your own designs.
  • High output.
  • Fast and easy cleaning.


The automatic glaze printing machine is specially designed to apply glaze products in every possible shape on existing products. The image or text is uploaded using a specially designed software program. This program also controls the special printing head. This technology allows to print all kinds of patterns.

Hot glaze or cold types of glaze will be pumped out of the kettle in the system. If necessary a heat exchanger will be added to heat the liquids. The product sensor at the beginning of the conveyor will detect the products and will start the printing at exact the right moment.

The conveyor consists of polycord belts.

Speed of the conveyor and height of the bridge with the printing heads are adjustable.


  • Accurate
  • Easy programming
  • Movable
  • Stainless steel


Inline machine

Hot or cold glaze



2200 x 600 x 900 mm


Technical specifications


+ 9.5  kW


3 x 400 VAC + Neutral + Ground, 50 Hz

Machine capacity

2 -
m. / min.
Conveyor speed
Working width conveyor
Recipes and more