The AUTOMATIC ROTATING GLAZE SPRAYING machine for high-volume spraying

The AUTOMATIC ROTATING GLAZE SPRAYING machine is a rotating and high-volume glaze spray machine with the same functionalities as the AUTOMATIC GLAZE SPRAYING machine.

A rotating spray bridge ensures high volumes of products which leave the machine as if they were sprayed piece by piece.

Overspray of glaze or marmelade is reduced to a minimum and is collected for re-use.

The AUTOMATIC ROTATING GLAZE SPRAYING machine not only delivers beautiful products but allows you to work economical and competitive as well.

Key features

  • Various working widths from 400 to 1200 mm.
  • Movable stainless steel frame with 2 rigid and 2 swivel wheels with brakes.
  • Conveyor with full bed polycords (∅ 6 mm) and scraper.
  • Frequency converter to control the speed of the conveyor.
  • In height adjustable rotating spray bridge with various number of spray guns.
  • Pneumatic piston pump with ceramic coated shaft.
  • Double glaze filter to prevent nozzle problems.
  • Stainless steel back pressure valve guarantees a uniform spray view.
  • Heating capacity and glaze output of 2 ltr / min. from 20 – 85 °C.
  • Overspray can be re-used from the funnel under the conveyor.


Heated glaze is pumped up from the funnel with an air-operated piston pump and transferred through an electrical heated spiral heater and a stainless steel filter to the rotating spray bridge.

The glaze returns from the spray bridge to the pump cabinet through a hose and a back pressure valve to keep an even pressure in the system. The spray bridge is adjustable in height and is fitted out with a various number of spray guns. The conveyor that transports the products has a per product adjustable speed. The spray guns are actuated by a photo sensor and plc-controller and open once the product is detected.


  • Economical
  • Robust and solid
  • Movable
  • Stainless steel

Stand-alone machine

Glaze and marmelade

on e.g. Danish pastry, pies, flans, fruit cakes, fruit tartlets and frozen pasties in all kinds of shape and size.



Technical specifications

Machine capacity

400 -
Working width
Between 20 -
Heating capacity