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Depositing and Cutting machines


This multifunctional depositing line is installed to have an automated production line from building the cake layer to separate packed pieces. The production line starts with a layer of cake and ends with the individually packed products ready for shipment.

In between syrup is sprayed on the layer of cake, after which the cream will be deposited. This line can do up to 3 layers of cream, but can also be used for various other products because of the interchangeable templates.

A vibrating Strewer is used to cover the cake with a layer of sprinkles, chocolate flakes, nuts,  etc.

Two in line Ultrasonic Cutting machines simultaneously cut the cakes in individual portions. After this, the pieces are being packed and ready for shipment. 

Customized and Turnkey

Custom built to your specifications​

We design and manufacture complete production lines to the needs, desires and circumstances of customers all over the world. With our expertise in pastry equipment we are able to meet all your needs and find the best possible solution.

Together we will look at your requirements with regard to the required machine and the products to be produced. On the basis of this information, our technical draftsmen go to work, after which we will present you the customized solution.

Bakon is your partner in customized and turnkey solutions to optimize your production processes.

Secure your production and reduce machine downtime with the RedCase of Bakon!

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Piston Depositor

  • Robust and heavy duty machine
  • Easy to operate
  • Continuously variable dosing volume
  • Working width from 400 up to 800 mm


  • The Strewer in this production line is suitable for a wide range of products (chocolate flakes, cocos flakes, sprinkles, biscuit crumbs, nut crumbs, etc.)
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Inline Ultrasonic Slicer

  • For bakings trays in sizes from 100 x 600 up to 800 x 600 mm
  • Multiple blades for higher production capacity
  • Multiple password levels to assign different access levels

Ultrasonic Cutting Inline with Denester

This Ultrasonic Slicer is a versatile cutting machine to cut products in tray, without tray and round products. Trim edges can be separated and removed automatically. This machine can be extended with a Denester and decoration conveyor.


  • Various types of paper cups
  • Various positions
  • Hygienic and fast
  • Easy to maintain
Denester - Bakon
Denester - Bakon
Denester - Bakon
Denester - Bakon
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