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Enrober - Bakon

Pouring head

With manual height adjustment 

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Movable and heated container

Standard available in 50 or 120 liter and with or without stirrer.

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Adjustable scrapers

Up: for easy cleaning

Down: during production

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To cover your products, discover the

Enrober and Finishing machine

Discover the ENROBER to cover your products

This ENROBER AND FINISHING MACHINE is based on a waterfall type of system for the finishing of a great variety of products. It is the perfect solution for pouring many different liquids such as fondant, chocolate, glaze, mirror finish, icing on top of cakes, collies, aspic, etc.

Apart from enrobing or finishing, ENROBERS make it possible – with the use of added accessories – to create beautiful finishings like string-icing and marbling effects on your products.

Key features

  • Fully heated machine for better temperature control
  • Water pump to pump heated water through scrapers and catch plates
  • Heated scrapers for constant cleaning of the poly cords
  • Key features
  • Fully heated machine for better temperature control.
  • Movable stainless steel frame with 2 rigid and 2 swivel casters.
  • Working width 400 – 600 mm (customized sizes possible up to 1200 mm).
  • Conveyor with two sections with a full bed of poly cord belts.
  • Single or double curtain.
  • Water pump to pump heated water through scrapers and catch plates.
  • Adjustable height of the pouring section up to 120 mm.
  • Adjustable speed of conveyor and pump.
  • Heated scrapers for constant cleaning of the poly cords.
  • Easy to integrate into existing production lines.
  • Digitally setting of temperature between 15 and 80°C.
  • Equipped with an air blower to remove excessive coverage.
  • Made of stainless steel and other non-corroding materials.
  • Optional: the machine can be equipped with a detailer shaft at the outfeed of the machine.
  • Optional: The pouring head can be replaced by a drizzle unit to decorate products with lines.
  • Operation

Products are transported over the conveyor belt to the heated pouring head. When the products pass the pouring head and go through the pouring curtain they will be covered with a nice layer of fondant, coating, fudge, etc.

Excessive covering that flows along the product is caught in the funnel and flows into the container underneath the conveyor belt. The heated container has an eccentric screw pump to pump the product through a heated hose to the heated pouring head on top op the conveyor.

The conveyor has two sections and transports the products to the end of the machine. Heated catch plates are placed under the conveyor at the in and out feed side.

The heated pouring head is adjustable with 2 hand wheels and covered with a hood with Lexan doors to control the temperature and keep the heat inside machine.

The electrical cabinet on the ENROBER holds all components to operate the machine as well as the frequency controls for the conveyor and the temperature controls for the pouring head, scrapers and catch trays.

The movable and heated container fits underneath the ENROBER and is equipped with the following components:

• heated screw pump with frequency control for speed adjustment
• lid with sieve
• heated hose between the container pump and pouring head
• temperature control for container and hose

  • Benefits
  • Efficient
  • Stainless steel
  • Movable
  • Easy to clean
  • Options
    An U-shaped exhaust unit can be placed over the spray hood to suck up excessive oil mist that is created during spraying. Centrifugal force will separate the oil from the air. The removed oil is discharged via a hose and collected in a container.
  • Machine capacity

Medium to high

  • Various liquids
e.g.: fondant, icing, chocolate, glaze, mirror finish, butter, aspic, etc.
  • Stand-alone machine
  • Dimensions

Standard model
Conveyor length: 2000 mm
Conveyor height: 900 mm

  • Technical specifications

3 x 400 V + Neutral + Ground

4 to 12 kW (depending on options selected)

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