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Dipping machine - Bakon

Cover over Dipping section

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High speed dipping with the

Dipping Machine

High speed dipping with the DIPPING MACHINE

Put an end to slow and laborious manual dipping; experience the BAKON DIPPING MACHINE and start speeding up your dipping production.

The DIPPING MACHINE will take over the hard work of manual dipping and perfectly coated products will come out of the DIPPING MACHINE; ready for use or to  decorate with our DRIZZLE UNIT and/or STREWER.

Key features

  • Working width from 300 mm up to 2000 mm
  • Dipping level easily adjustable.
  • Dipping section removable from the machine for cleaning.
  • Key features
  • Working width from 300 mm up to 2000 mm.
  • Movable stainless steel frame with 2 rigid and 2 swivel casters.
  • “Au bain Marie” heating system.
  • Dipping level easily adjustable.
  • Dipping section removable from the machine for cleaning.
  • In-feed and out-feed sections executed with poly cords.
  • Catch trays underneath the in-feed and out-feed sections.
  • Electrical cabinet for the full operation and control of the machine.
  • Conveyor speed: 2-12 mtr./min
  • Operation

Donuts are placed on the poly cords of the in-feed section of the DIPPING MACHINE. This in-feed section is provided with a catch tray underneath. When entering the dipping section products will be transported onto a wire mesh belt; a second wire mesh belt (which is adjustable in height) presses the product softly from the top down and ensures that the product remains in place when it is in the dipping section. After being dipped the products leave the wire mesh and flip over onto the poly cords of the out-feed section.

All conveyor belts are adjustable in speed. The wire mesh belts above the transport system (to press products down) are also adjustable in height to determine the distance between the two belts.

A level sensor in the tank controls the level of the dipping product in the dipping section.

The temperature controlled tank inside the machine is double walled and filled with water to keep the dipping products at a constant temperature.

The DIPPING MACHINE can be used as stand-alone machine, but is also very well suited to extend, for example, with a drizzle unit or strewer with conveyor and melting kettles for continuous filling.

  • Benefits
  • High performance
  • Easy to extend
  • Movable
  • Easy to operate
  • Options
    The DIPPING MACHINE can be executed with a cover to prevent the dipping tank from loss of temperature and dirt falling in. This cover consists of a stainless steel frame with lexan windows, which splits into two separate covers placed over the dipping section. Covers can be removed manually for cleaning.
  • DRIZZLE UNIT (zigzag)
    With a (heated) container and eccentric screw pump to pump the product through a hose to the decoration tube on top of the conveyor. The zigzag movement creates decorations with stripes. Unused coating will flow back into the container for re-use.
    This strewer on a movable C-frame with casters will be placed above a separate conveyor section with poly cords. The strewer is equipped with a funnel and will be activated by the product sensor on the conveyor. Depending on the product to be strewed, different types of strewers can be used.
    Matching melting tanks are available in various models and sizes.
  • Machine capacity

Medium to high

  • Products

​Chocolate coating, fondant or glaze

  • Stand-alone machine
  • Dimensions
Depend on the model
  • Technical specifications

Conveyor speed
Adjustable between 2 – 12 mt. / min.

3 x 400 VAC + Neutral + Ground, 50 Hz

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