Safe and sound pumping with the INDUSTRIAL TRANSFER PUMP

The INDUSTRIAL TRANSFER PUMP is a unique mobile system designed for pumping many different types of product – without damage or loss of structure –  from one receptacle into another or into a hopper of a depositing machine.

Laborious pouring is now a thing of the past. Small size, big help!

The INDUSTRIAL TRANSFER PUMP can be used anywhere, is ready for use within minutes and is very suitable to connect to a BAKON depositor.

Key features

  • Supplied on a movable H-frame with suction pipe.
  • Pneumatic air cylinder to adjust height.
  • Quick connectors for the compressed air connections.
  • Suction and transport pipe are easily to (dis)connect for cleaning.
  • The machine comes with a cleaning tool to empty the pipes and make cleaning easier.
  • Complete stainless steel and other non-corroding materials.
  • Also available in smaller size (TRANSFER PUMP)


The product to be pumped is transferred from a container or bowl into the receptacle or hopper of a filling or depositing machine. This is done without damaging or affecting the texture, consistency or appearance of the products.

Insert the suction tube in the reservoir and start the pump. The pump can be switched on manual or automatically when using a level sensor in the hopper of the depositor.

The INDUSTRIAL TRANSFER PUMP is highly suitable for many types of product, such as fruit fillings, fillings containing pieces of fruit e.g. apple, apricot or whole cherries, but also creams, cake batters, muffin batters, nut mixes etc. The only requirement is that the product is able to flow towards the suction entrance of the pump.


  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Movable
  • Economical
  • Stainless steel

Stand-alone machine

Inline machine

Semi-liquid products

Batters, cream, cream fillings, fruit fillings (with pieces fruit, entire cherries), meat mass and mixes with nuts.

Dimensions (l x w x h)


Width – 1000 mm

Lifting height – 900 mm

Suction pipe – Length 825 mm – Ø 60 mm



Dimensions – 650 x 1000 x 2175-2875 mm

Lifting height – 700 mm

Suction pipe – Length 675 mm – Ø 60 mm


Level sensor

To prevent the hopper from low level or overflowing. Pumping starts and stops automatically.


Technical specifications

Output pump                                           

1.2 ltr. / stroke at 40 strokes / min.

(Transfer pump: 0.9 ltr. / stroke at 40 strokes / min.)

Operation pressure

6 bar

Air consumption

1.2 ltr. / stroke (Transfer Pump: 0.9 ltr. / stroke)

Machine capacity

Operating pressure
ltr./stroke at 40 strokes/min.
Output industrial pump
ltr./stroke at 40 strokes/min.
Output pump