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Gearwheel Depositor - Bakon

Standarized and customized spouts

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Removable hopper

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Conveyor belt (optional)

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High capacity dosing is done with the

Gearwheel Depositor

GEARWHEEL DEPOSITOR: high capacity depositing

The GEARWHEEL DEPOSITOR enables you to process a very wide range of different products and reaches a high production speed together with a guaranteed high level of accuracy.

This industrial bakery machine is available in any desired working width up to 1200 mm (larger available on request). The standard machine comes on a C-frame; machines with a working width above 800 mm are built on an H-frame.

Sophisticated software allows you to create your own recipes for your products. Entering and changing various parameters is easily done with use of the 10 inch full colour touch screen.

Key features

  • Machine capacity: high to very high
  • Stand-alone and Inline machine
  • 100 different programmable recipes
  • For very liquid to very heavy products
  • Buy a GEARWHEEL DEPOSITOR or NANO ULTRASONIC CUTTING MACHINE together with our Service & Support program REDCASE.
  • Key features
  • Operation

The GEARWHEEL DEPOSITOR is used for accurate depositing of your products. High accuracy in depositing is reached by control of the turning angle of the stainless steel gears of the gearwheel pump. To prevent the nozzles from dripping the gears can be turned backwards to release the pressure from the nozzles.

A large electrical cabinet with the frequency controllers of the gearwheels and all other electrical components is placed on the side of the machine.

A correct height is extremely important to achieve an accurate depositing result. The height can be adjusted automatically on the touch screen of the operator panel. Other adjustments, like speed of the feeding rollers and gearwheels, amount of dosage, etc. can be made during production.

Cleaning of the machine is easy, gears and funnel can be removed without the use of any tools.

The GEARWHEEL DEPOSITOR is also available in a heated execution.

A complete heating system is integrated in the cabinet for the mechanical components and is executed with a heating element, a pump and a ring line to pump water of the required temperature through the gearpump, the hopper and the template (optional, depending on the product).

  • Benefits
  • Robust
  • Flexible
  • Accurate
  • Multi functional
  • Options
  • Heated funnel and pump housing to dose heated products.
  • Wide selection of spouts and nozzles; own production for customized solutions.
  • Template with rotating spouts (for twisted products or rings).
  • Nozzles with a closing system to prevent dripping when dosing very liquid products.
  • Cutting frame for the depositing and cutting of heavy doughs.
  • Wire cut system.
  • Conveyor available with flat PU belt, polycords or chain.
  • Agitator for optimal homogenization inside the hopper
  • Machine capacity

High to very high

  • Products

Very liquid to very heavy products
e.g. cream, mousse, soft cheese, eclair, macarons, biscuit and cake batter.

  • Stand-alone machine
  • Inline machine
  • Dimensions
Depend on the model
  • Technical specifications

3 x 400 Volt AC. 50 Hz + ground

Power supply
+ 5 kW

Air supply
25 ltr. / min.

Air pressure
6 bar

  • Spot
  • Spot long
  • Spot twisted
  • Long twisted
  • Tray filling
  • Continuous depositing
  • Specials
  • Spot
  • Spot long
  • Spot twisted
  • Long twisted
  • Tray filling
  • Continuos depositing
  • Specials

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