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Drop TT Depositor - Bakon

Easy to operate with full colour touchscreen

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Various hoppers, rollers and templates

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Table top model which is easy to fold and store.

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Fast and accurate depositing with the

Drop TT

Fast and accurate depositing with the Drop TT

The DROP TT is a table top depositor for fast and efficient depositing of semi-liquid and more solid products. Keywords of this table top bakery machine are: compact, simple, fast and accurate.

The Drop TT is, because of its size, is very suitable for traditional bakeries, confectioneries, cake shops but also for catering companies. The DROP TT is easy to use and clean and has a foldable conveyor belt. Programming and entering recipes is simple by using the full colour touchscreen.

Key features

  • Very fast and economical machine
  • All semi-liquid to heavy products
  • 2400 Cupcakes per hour
  • 9000 Macarons per hour
  • Key features
  • Very consistent, fast and economical machine.
  • Full colour touchscreen to set parameters or to enter recipes.
  • Compact size with foldable conveyor.
  • Suitable for all semi-liquid to heavy products.
  • Large choice of depositing templates.
  • Made of stainless steel and other non-corroding materials.
  • Rotating template to decorate products with a twist.
  • Cutting wire for easy deposting and cutting of cookie dough.
  • Max. working width of 400 mm .
  • Operation

High accuracy in depositing is reached by control of the turning angle of the gears of the gearwheel pump. To prevent the nozzle/needle from dripping, the gears can be turned backwards, to release the pressure from the nozzles.

Different templates can be mounted underneath the depositing head. The DROP TT is equipped with a programmable controller to control the gears, rotating nozzles, up and down movement and a conveyor.

Up to 50 products can be programmed and selected on the touch screen in several languages (English, French, German, Russian, Chinese and Dutch). Parameters such as depositing speed, volume, vacuum, production speed and conveyor speed can be changed during production.

  • Benefits
  • Very compact
  • Easy to clean
  • Movable
  • Easy to operate
  • Options

Changeable templates
The DROP TT can be supplied with a great variety of changeable templates.

  • Machine capacity

Medium to high

  • Semi-liquid to heavy products

All semi-liquid to heavy products
e.g. éclairs, choux pastry, cupcakes, macarons, muffins, biscuits, cakes, mousses

  • Stand-alone machine
  • Dimensions

800 x 560 x 685 mm (l x w x h)

800 x 400 x 685 mm (folded)

  • Technical specifications

1 x 230 VAC

1.0 kW

125 kg

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