Vacatures bij Bakon

Momenteel zijn er 3 vacatures bij Bakon; wij zijn op zoek naar: een Constructeur WTB, een Plaatwerker/lasser en een Internationaal Service Engineer.


BAKON grows in absolute numbers and performance

The past few years we realized a nice growing curve in absolute numbers and in performance of our machines, company and people. It makes us happy and proud and brings energy to perform even better for you: our clients!

When dreams come true …

We have bet big on the IBA in Germany and to be true, we were quite nervous in advance:

Will everything be ready on time? Will all those customers and guests we had invited come and visit us? Is our exhibition stand not over the top?

Our wildest dreams have been surpassed!


Discover the Gearwheel Depositor

Our Gearwheel Depositor is a perfect machine for accurate depositing of semi-liquid and less liquid products like cake batter, cookie dough, cream, icings, etc