Bakon Food Equipment

As a manufacturer in industrial bakery equipment, Bakon is a specialist in depositing, ultrasonic cutting and spraying of different products for the bakery, pastry, restaurant, confectionery and enrobing industry.


Standalone machines or complete production lines

We offer various high quality commercial bakery machines which can be integrated into a complete line for industrial or confectionery production. Your specifications can be translated into a custom made standalone machine or production line.


Bakon’s benefits

  • High-quality industrial bakery equipment
  • Well-known in the food producing industry
  • Always the best solutions: custom made and standard machines
  • Innovative machines and craftmanship from the Netherlands
  • Great service and maintenance


Need to know more?


Top Cream New!

The newest Top Cream

The newest model of the Bakon Top Cream machine is provided with two easily opening doors and a transparent lid allowing you to view inside the cream container during the wipping process. Safety first; the whisk will stop in case doors or lid are being opened while the machine is running. Read more about the […]

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Watch the new video and get to know the Cake Line

The All round and square Cake Line is a production line for the automatic production of round and/or rectangular cakes. The Cake Line is built in modules and is therefore adjustable to your own requirements.                                         […]

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New: Drop TT

The Drop TT is a table top gearwheel depositor for the production of French macarons, éclairs, choux, cupcakes and muffins. The machine is very consistent, fast and extremely economical. It will save you a lot of time.   Read more about the Drop TT on the machine page      

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